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It’s all about YOU! And that’s a BIG DEAL to us!

We know you travel for many reasons. Travel is an expression of freedom, a cherished experience. 2020 taught all of us the greater lesson about what we value, whether you travel to make memories with those you care about most, attend a special event, celebrate a milestone, take a business meeting, set out for an adventure, or come to vacation in a world-class destination like Branson, Missouri in the Heart of The Ozarks.

We know air travel presents its own challenges…but with challenge, can also be REWARD.

That’s where the Branson Airport comes in. Long before our first flight in 2009, our founders had the idea that airports and air travel could be better, more personal, more customer-centric, more fun, cost less and yes, be less of a hassle! As a smaller airport focused on creating affordable air service, coupled with an eye for the customer experience, we are able to create an ease of travel not found in larger airports.

These founding ideas are what empowers our employees to always be thinking, “What can I do to make our guests feel welcomed, appreciated…and just darn-right special?” Enter, the Branson Wave.

When Did the Wave Happen? and More Importantly, Why?

This expression of genuine Ozarks hospitality came to life organically from our employees, empowered to be customer-centric, even up to the very last guest interaction. On the very first flight out of Branson Airport on May 9, 2009, after all preparations were made to push-back the aircraft for departure, a group of employees led by their ground services manager walked out on the ramp to do what any good host would do: say a heartfelt good-bye.

In this case, their goodbye was an enthusiastic wave until the plane was out of sight. Little did our crew know that they would start a vital tradition through this gesture of a wave. This is the one final way to express to you how grateful we are that you choose to fly out of BKG, and that it be a memorable and hopefully rewarding part of your travel experience. It’s our employees’ way of saying that we care about YOU from arrival to departure.

See the story behind The Wave

When Can I Catch the Wave?

It’s at departure that you’ll see first-hand how the simple act of “the wave” is the culmination of all that we value. You are why we are here. It’s our way of saying to residents, “Thank you, we’ll see you when you get back home.” And to those visiting, “We see you, appreciate you, hope you had a great time. Come back, see us again!” The Branson Wave is that little unexpected surprise at the end of your Branson Experience that hopefully made travel just a little more special.

Pro-tip: If you want the best seat to catch the wave, be sure to select seats on the left side of the aircraft. As always, window seats have the best show! Please share photos and video of “The Branson Wave” with us @FlyBranson on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram,  be sure to include #BransonWave…and don’t forget to wave back, we see you!

What if the Airport Ground Crew Misses the Wave?

Since 2009, our staff has RARELY missed “The Wave”.  In rain, shine, cold, heat or dark of night, it’s just a part of our culture at Branson Airport. There are times when other ground operations occur that may prevent a wave from happening, but its RARE. Be on the lookout though because you may get 1 to 20 crew members and as many as 100 wavers on special events such as a new service launch or community events.  Whether you see “the wave” or not, be assured, all the preparations have been made for your flight by our staff of dedicated professionals. So, from our family to yours, we got this! You’re ready to go. Let’s Travel!

If you have a special “Wave Request” for our Crew, let us know what you’re thinking and we will do our best to accommodate it so you can capture your custom wave on camera the day of your flight. Send your special request to

Share pictures and video of your wave by tagging us @FlyBranson on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram,  include #BransonWave…and don’t forget to wave back, we see you!

Catch The Wave Photos

Post your pictures of the Branson Wave. Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @FlyBranson

Be sure to include #Bransonwave in your post, and by all means, show us your own unique WAVEBACK to our crew when you fly out of BKG. We See You!

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